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jdb fishing icon.png


JDB Fishing is an iconic name in the fishing game community. One of JDB's most well-known fishing games. Nevertheless, all players will enjoy a fantastic gaming experience as a new "hunting type" games by JDB Fish have been introduced to Winbox. Feeling good? Get up to speed now!

Min. Bet-RM0.10
1 MYR=1 Gamepoint

lion king icon.png


Slot machines, casinos, and video games total over 70. Throughout the game, collect your red envelope and/or treasure chest. Superb visuals and sound design. Playing Lion King is like nothing else you've ever experienced. Don't forget about our monthly competition; the top prize is RM68,000.

(chips available)
Min. Bet RM0.09
I MYR=100 Gamepoints

jdb icon.png


JDB Gaming was the first online gaming software provider in Asia to offer five major categories of online casino games. JDB specializes on slot machines, with 24 different options for instant play.


kingmaker icon.png


Gamers in the traditional chess game King Maker take turns playing dozens of different games at once. 3D vision and stereoscopic impact wtill absolutely enchant you.

1MYR 1 Gamepoint

918kiss icon.png


-130 games offered (slots/arcade/casino). No restricted Games/Winning limit. Huge Prizes/Red Envelopes are just around the corner. There is no secret that 918kiss is Asia's most popular online slot game, with over 200,000 users logged in at any given moment. Join us right now!

Min. Bet RM0.09
1 MYR 1 Gamepoint

jili icon.png


A well-known, popular guessing game with easy rules in the Blockchain. The game's mechanics are intuitive, yet it offers a wide range of strategic depths. Join JILI slots today.

1MYR=1 Gamepoint

lucky365 icon.png


Vertically playable game that doesn't require an app download! A huge and benevolent payment is waiting for you! Additional new games and an international gambling experience might be anticipated.

(chips available)
Min. Bet RM0.09
1 MYR 100 Gamepoints

play8 icon.png


Play8 is a gaming developer that uses H5 technology to give you a genuine taste of slot machine fun. Don't pass up the chance to win a free game or bonus inside Play8, since doing so might provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience!

(Chips available)
Min. Bet RM0.09
1 MYR=1 Gamepoint

spadegaming icon.png


Spadegaming is the greatest place to play slot machines with an Asian theme. Spadegaming is the leading provider of cutting-edge gaming alternatives, foolproof integration, and first-rate support for players at online casinos.

1MYR 1 Gamepoint



ae sexy icon.png


Exciting and novel take on the classic casino game. The ladies of AE Sexy Baccarat have boldly entered the upscale bikini casino industry. Our hand-picked distributors are stunning American supermodels with access to extensive market data and cutting-edge R&D tools. Pool of wagers up to RM100,000 (about US$30,000).

(chips available)
Min. Bet=RM10
1 MYR 1 Gamepoint

poker win icon.png


One of the most played variations of poker is called Poker Win. Bets can be made by checking in, calling the current bet, raising it, or folding. At the conclusion of all betting rounds, the "pot" is awarded to the player who has the best hand and has not folded.

(chips available)
Min. Bet=RM1
1 MYR 100 Gamepoint

playtech icon.png


Playtech, listed on the London Stock Exchange's Main Market, provides innovative, value-added solutions to the top operators in the online gambling business. Since its foundation in 1999, Playtech has focused on fostering solid connections with our licensors and developing best-in-breed gaming products and content.

1 MYR 1 Gamepoint

bg icon.png


One of the most played live casino games on Winbox is Big Gaming. High-fluency gameplay and a wide variety of game options both contribute to the happiness of our loyal customer base. Winbox accepts bets in BG up to a maximum of RM50,000.

Min. Bet RM20
1 MYR 1 Gamepoint

ag icon.png


When it comes to online gambling in Asia, no one does it better than Asia Gaming. As the proportion of Asian participants in European markets continues to rise, the need to meet their expanding expectations has become pressing. Because of our long history in Asia, we are well-versed in the requirements of Asian players. You can wager as much as RM100,000.

Min. Bet=RM5
1 MYR=1 Gamepoint



ekor icon.png


This is everyone's favorite program in Winbox. Without any question, Winbox have the Malaysia's highest payout according to the pay table provided. Your rewards will be transferred to your Winbox account promptly at 9 o'clock each night, so you never have to worry about missing out.

Platform Specifications:

Toto, Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak, Magnum, Damacai, Perdana, Lucky Hari Hari, and Hari Hari

(chips available)
1 MYR 1 Gamepoint



sbobet icon.png


You can bet on all of your favorite sports and teams in one place. SBOBET Sports has over 1,500 sporting events every week, Live Casino has exciting live dealer casino games, SBOBET Games has cool exclusive games, SBOBET Racing has international horse, greyhound, and harness racing events, and SBOBET Financials has fixed odds betting on financial markets.

Min. Bet=RM12
1 MYR=1 Gamepoint

sv388 icon.png


Winbox is the first online cockfighting venue in Malaysia. Cockfighting, as you can see, is a blood sport where two cocks (also known as gamecocks) fight each other in a ring called a cockpit. The history of raising fowl for fighting goes back 6,000 years.

Min. Bet RM10
1 MYR 1 Gamepoint

maxbet icon.png


Best Asian Handicap Specialist in the World, with Unparalleled Betting Odds on All Major Sports, Casino Games, Slots, and Horse Races. Winbox Mobile Features Easily Accessible

Min. Bet=RM5
t1 MYR 1 Gamepoint

e1 sport.png


E1 Sport was created by the AWC Team so that gamers could wager on popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Call of Duty. E1 Sport allows live broadcasting in-house.

Min. Bet RM10
1 MYR= 1 Gamepoint

m8bet icon.png


Best Asian Handicap Specialist in the World, with Unparalleled Betting Odds on All Major Sports, Casino Games, Slots, and Horse Races. Winbox Mobile Features Easily Accessible

Min. Bet=RM5
1 MYR 1 Gamepoint



rcb 988 icon.png


Winbox gives you a "on-called" software right away, unlike any other horse racing gambling site. Winners can be bet on at any moment with the click of a button.

Min. Bet RM10
1 MYR 1 Gamepoint

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